MPharm Finalists

# Abstract Title
1 Formulation and Evaluation of Telmisartan Nanosuspension and Development of solid Dosage Form.
2 Formulation and Evaluation of Venlafaxine HCl Chewing gum for Management of Depression
3 In vitro Dissolution Study- A Critical Quality Attribute for the Optimisation of Developed Modified Elementary Osmotic Pump
4 In-Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Model: Development and Validation
5 Increased bioavailability of levobunolol from nanoparticle-laden contact lenses for glaucoma therapy
6 The release study of peanut protein from sublingual immunotherapy tablet for peanut induced allergic asthma
7 Understanding the in vivo behavior of celecoxib-sodium polymeric amorphous salt solid dispersions using biorelevant dissolution
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