MPharm Finalists

# Abstract Title
1 Bioadhesive colon targeted pellets of Curcumin and Cyclosporin for improved management of Inflammatory bowel disease
2 Comparative drug release studies of Disulfiram from lipid nanocarriers in management of Cervical Cancer
3 Design and evaluation of osmotic controlled release oral drug delivery system of BCS class II drug by QbD approach
4 Design, Optimization and Evaluation of SNEDDS for oral delivery in the management of Gout
5 Development of a biorelevant dissolution medium mimicking South Indian staple Breakfast Meal (SIBM) – Feasibility studies
6 Effect of hydrophilic polymers on crystal behaviour and dissolution rate of Furosemide with correlation study
7 Establishing in vitro-in vivo Correlation and Lung Performance of Inhaled Drug Products using Gamma Scintigraphy
8 Ethyl cellulose film coating optimization of sustained release aspirin spherules using DOE for the application to reduce cardiac complications in COVID-19
9 Evaluation of Ionotropic Cross-linked Chitosan/Gelatin B Microspheres of Trimetazidine Hydrochloride
11 Formulation and Evaluation of Telmisartan Nanosuspension and Development of solid Dosage Form.
12 Formulation and Evaluation of Venlafaxine HCl Chewing gum for Management of Depression
13 Formulation and optimization of electro-spun transdermal patch of an anti-depressant drug
14 In vitro Dissolution Study- A Critical Quality Attribute for the Optimisation of Developed Modified Elementary Osmotic Pump
15 In-Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Model: Development and Validation
16 Increased bioavailability of levobunolol from nanoparticle-laden contact lenses for glaucoma therapy
17 PBPK modelling for prediction of pharmacokinetic profile of ciprofloxacin in children after administration as oral suspension and intravenous solution.
18 ROS generation by curcumin and its application in cancer treatment: Formulation and drug dissolution kinetics
19 The release study of peanut protein from sublingual immunotherapy tablet for peanut induced allergic asthma
20 To design and develop Mucoadhesive drug delivery system of Ciprofloxacin HCL
21 Understanding the in vivo behavior of celecoxib-sodium polymeric amorphous salt solid dispersions using biorelevant dissolution
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