Invitation for Abstracts for Oral Presentations


SPDS in association with AAPS & APTI invites abstracts for Oral Presentation in the above forum, from young researchers of age below 40 years across academia and industry in areas of research related to:

  • Dissolution & Solubility Modulation
  • In vitro Release/Permeation Studies of Conventional & Novel Dosage Forms, including Herbals, Nutraceuticals & Cosmeceuticals
  • Pharmacokinetics & IVIVC Studies
  • Modified Dissolution Equipment & Methodologies, including Biorelevant Media & Automation
  • Computational Tools, PBPK Modelling

Abstracts shall be received in 3 categories:
1. MPharm
2. PhD
3. Industry

Please read carefully and follow the below-provided guidelines for the preparation of the Abstract, 10-minute Oral Video Presentation, and for participating in the competition.

1. The research work included in the abstract should not have been published/presented at any previous conference; ensure that it is original and does not contain copied/plagiarized content.

2. Only one Abstract per presenting author will be accepted.

3. Select the Zone based on the categorisation and arrangement of States, as tabulated later.

4. The Abstract should:
    - focus on above listed dissolution or related research areas.
    - be written using simple scientific language to describe recent experiments, innovations, and insights.
    - include data, new concepts or approaches - highlighting the points related to dissolution science/testing and applications.
    - ensure that all claims and conclusions are supported by data or references, especially those making comparisons to competing products.
    - be precise and should not be longer than one A4-sized page typed using Times New Roman font in 12 pt size.

Click to download and refer to the model Abstract. For more details on preparing the abstract click here to view the video tutorial.

Please note: Nowhere should your identity or your organization’s identity be revealed in the body text of the Abstract. Your abstract may get rejected in case your identity is revealed in any manner within the Abstract.


Please arrange Abstract body text under the following headings and in the order shown:

Background and Rationale: Should be as brief as possible, and should provide background information to understand the research work to be presented by you.

Main Sections: Please use appropriate sub-headings to break up your work into main sections, for example, Methods, Results, Data Analysis, etc.

Conclusions: Should highlight the significance of your results.

References: All references, including URLs, must be numbered consecutively, in the order in which they are cited in the text. Use the style of citation and references as given in the sample model abstract provided. Restrict to a maximum of 3 references.

Footnotes: Use of footnotes is permitted but should be limited as much as possible.


On submission of your Abstract, you will receive an on-screen acknowledgment.

The submitted abstract will be sent to an expert committee for evaluation of the focus of research work to the theme of the conference, as well as the accuracy of language and grammar. If your Abstract requires revision or correction, you may receive an email with instructions to do the same. If you receive such an email, respond within time and re-submit your Abstract. After the second and final review by DRPI 2022 - Online expert committee, you will be notified of acceptance or rejection by email.

The list of accepted abstracts will be put up on DRPI website ( as per the key timelines.


The researcher whose Abstract gets selected should prepare PowerPoint slides, again distributed into Title, Background & Rationale, Method, Results, Data Analysis, and Conclusions. The References may be inserted in the slide towards the end or maybe inserted as Footnotes on individual slides.

Ensure that your slides are of high quality and clearly visible.

Nowhere in the Presentation should your identity or your organization’s identity be revealed. Do not add any acknowledgments, logos and/or sponsor names. Stick to purely technical Presentation. Your Presentation may get rejected in case your identity is revealed in any form.

The PowerPoint slides once ready, should be converted into a pre-recorded 10-minute Oral Video Presentation, wherein the clear video of the presenter shall appear on the top-right of the slides. Make sure the audio narration of the presenter is clearly audible and is pleasant to listen to it.

We expect a confident, enthusiastic, loud, and clear 10-minute Oral Video Presentation as the same presentation is evaluated at each stage ahead from Zonal to Semi-finals and All-India Finals, subsequent to selection at each stage.

You can use any platform to record your video Presentation. However, the instructions to use Free Zoom platform to record video Presentation is available here.

You'll need to upload your 10-minute oral video presentation on YouTube and submit the link for further evaluation.

Please note: Before submitting the YouTube link of your video, please ensure that it is not kept in 'Private' mode. To ensure the same, visit your video link on a different device or browser without logging into your gmail/YouTube account or ask someone from family or friends to click on your video link and ensure that it is visible to all.


- Slides need to be prepared using the presentation template.

- Fonts should be plain (such as Arial) and of size at least 24 point (28 to 32 point font size is ideal).

- For graphs, axes should be clearly labeled, lines thickened, and highly visible colors should be used. If you use symbols to differentiate among data sets, make sure that there is no merging.

- If scanned images are used, make sure that they are sharp and clear, with all the text easily readable, preferably using a white background and black text.

- If image requires manipulation, use any good photo editor program to enhance the lines and/or change the color.

- A better option is to redraw the graph or image and the reference shall be given as a footnote starting with the statement ‘Adapted from...’.

- Avoid ‘busy’ slides packed with text or numbers. All text shall be presented as bullet points.

- If you represent an Industry, please treat your competitors, as you would want yourself to be treated. Being a young researcher presentation event, please avoid claims of competitive advantage.

- Practice your presentation in advance and time it within 10-minutes.  If you cannot complete your talk in the allocated time of 10 minutes, reduce the number of slides.

- Presentation recording should be done by Presenting Author only. Any unethical practice adopted will lead to disqualification.


The video Presentations will be reviewed by DRPI 2022 - Online Zonal Scientific Committees and a list of Titles selected for the Semi-finals will be put up on the website as per the key timelines.

Semi-final round will consist of the evaluation of the pre-recorded 10-minutes Presentations followed by live Q&A session of up to 5 minutes.

Selected Presentations for All India Finals will be announced on the website as per the key timelines.

All India Finals would be conducted on Saturday, 16 July 2022 (3 pm - 8 pm). This will also consist of the re-play of pre-recorded 10-minutes Presentation, followed by live Q&A for up to 5-minutes.

Semi-finals and All India Finals will be important National events with a large professional gathering of students, faculty, researchers and industry delegates.


Download the template for the preparation of the Presentation video.

Tutorial on how to record your 10-minute Presentation Video using Zoom.

Tutorial on how to upload your 10-minute Presentation Video on YouTube and share link.

Click here to see key timelines.

In case of any queries, you may contact:

Dr. Mala Menon : 9820751344
Dr. Varsha Pradhan : 9820307287
Dr. Hema Nair : 9819403264



Participation Certificate

Participation certificate to all the Donors

Delegate Pass

Delegate pass to all the Donors for
Semi-finals and All-India Finals

Huge Gathering

Semi-finals and All India Finals will be important National events with a large professional gathering of students, faculties, researchers, industry delegates and experts

Review Process & Rewards

The Abstracts received in 3 categories, viz., M.Pharm., Ph.D. & Industry will be evaluated separately. These would be reviewed by expert panel(s) based on theme related scientific content, originality, data quality and commercial/social impact.

The Researchers whose Abstracts are accepted and who submit their Oral Video Presentations will enter into:
a) Preliminary round for the screening of pre-recorded video Presentations at Zonal level to select Semi-finalists
b) Semi-finals to select Finalists and respective Zonal toppers (in person online)
c) All India Finals to select best presentations for M.Pharm., Ph.D. and Industry categories (in person online)

The toppers in each category (M.Pharm, Ph.D, Industry) will be conferred with the title ‘SPDS Young Researcher 2022’ along with the cash award.

Best Presentations shall be selected from the All India Level competition, which will determine SPDS Young Researcher 2022’ in the respective categories. 


Participants are eligible for any one award whichever is higher.


Attractive cash Awards and Winner Certificates for Zonal level toppers.

Meritorious participants will be selected for the All India Finals.

All India Finalists

  • Cash Award of Rs. 40,000/- to each winner from the three categories among M.Pharm., Ph.D. and Industry.
  • Subsequent attractive cash awards to be declared depending on the number of finalists in each category.
  • Consolation prizes for the other finalists.
  • All finalists to feature on the SPDS website photo gallery of winners.

How to participate?

Presenting authors and researchers can start preparing and submitting their abstracts now without paying any charges. Click here to submit the abstract.

Once the abstract is accepted, you will be notified via email to prepare a video of Oral Presentation.

To enter into the competition and to submit your video of an oral presentation, you will need to register and pay a donation of Rs. 500/- to SPDS. Presenting authors once register for the competition, need not register separately to attend the event as delegate.

Those who do not wish to enter into competition but wish to only attend the event as a delegate, also need to pay Rs. 500/- as donation to SPDS and can click and Register now.

All donors (presenting authors and registered delegates) will get one Free Delegate Pass to the Semi-final events (09 & 10 July 2022) and the All India Finals event (16 July 2022). Participation certificates shall also be given to all the donors.

Donations can be easily made through Credit/Debit Card/UPI/NEFT via online payment gateway.

Keep a watch and follow the Key Timelines.


An Oral Research Presentation Competition for Young Pharmaceutical Researchers across Academia and Industry. 

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