Zonal Toppers
DRPI 2021 - Online

NORTH ZONE :: PhD Category

Ms. Saman Fatima

Jamia Hamdard

Title: Dissolution studies on HSA nanoparticles encapsulating Ropinirole for targeted delivery in brain to treat ischemic stroke
Co-authors: Prof. Farhan Jalees Ahmad, Prof. Suhel Parvez, Dr. M. Samim 

Ms. Amanpreet Kaur


Title: Discriminatory Dissolution study of Nano-crystal loaded micro-particles for fixed dose combination of simvastatin and ezetimibe
Co-authors: Prof. Arvind K Bansal, Mr. Snehashis Nandi

 Mr. Kaushik Kuche


Title: Supersaturated Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System for Improving Oral Bioavailability of Quercetin
Co-authors: Dr. Sanyog Jain, Mr. Arvind Sirvi, Mr. Dasharath Chaudhari, Dr. Sameer S. Katiyar, Mr. Rohan Ghadi, Mr. Tushar Date

NORTH ZONE :: MPharm Category

Mr. Vikram Joshi


Title: Understanding the in vivo behavior of celecoxib-sodium polymeric amorphous salt solid dispersions using biorelevant dissolution
Co-authors: Dr. Abhay Sangamwar,
Mr. Sumit Mukesh

Ms. Shweta Mittal


Title: Increased bioavailability of levobunolol from nanoparticle-laden contact lenses for glaucoma therapy
Co-authors: Prof. Meenakshi K Chauhan, Mr. Aman Sharma, Mr. Navneet Shrivastav, Mr. P K Sahoo

Ms. Gargi Arora


Title: Establishing in vitro-in vivo Correlation and Lung Performance of Inhaled Drug Products using Gamma Scintigraphy
Co-authors: Dr. Gaurav Kumar Jain, Prof. Deepti Pandita 

EAST ZONE :: PhD Category

Mr. Vishal Chaudhari

NIPER, Guwahati

Title: Combinatorial delivery of nanoencapsulated active constituents embedded in 3D printed wafer for both drug and particle release applications
Co-authors: Dr. Subham Banerjee, Prof. USN Murty 

Mr. Samrat Chakrabrty

Jadavpur University

Title: Enhanced paclitaxel loading and improved pharmacokinetic parameters of a novel TLS 9a functionalized nanocarrier for a safer therapeutic management of hepatic carcinoma
Co-authors: Prof. Biswajit Mukherjee, Dr. Shila Besra, Ms. Alankar Mukherjee, Dr. Saikat Dewanjee 

Mr. Ripunjoy Bordoloi

Assam Science and Technology University

Title: Nuclear Imaging and in-vitro assessment of starch Microsphere of Gliclazide Hydrochloride
Co-authors: Dr. Abdul Baquee Ahmed, Mr. Kunal Bhattacharya, Ms. Himakshi Baishya

EAST ZONE :: MPharm Category

Ms. Prathyusha Eluri

NIPER, Guwahati

Title: ROS generation by curcumin and its application in cancer treatment: Formulation and drug dissolution kinetics
Co-authors: Dr. Amit Alexander  

Ms. Mouli Das

Siksha 'O' Anusandhan

Title: Effect of hydrophilic polymers on crystal behaviour and dissolution rate of Furosemide with correlation study
Co-authors: Prof. Subrata Mallick, Ms. Alisha Khandelwal 

Ms. Puspita Roy


Title: PBPK modelling for prediction of pharmacokinetic profile of ciprofloxacin in children after administration as oral suspension and intravenous solution
Co-authors: Dr. Debabrata Ghosh Dastidar, Mr. Ranit Kanjilal, Ms. Ananya Pal

WEST ZONE :: PhD Category

Mr. Rijo John

ICT, Mumbai

Title: Optimizing Dissolution of Betulin Nanosuspension for Enhanced Anticancer Efficacy in a Resistant Breast Cancer Cell Line
Co-authors: Prof. Padma V. Devarajan 

Ms. Niserga Sawant

CU Shah College of Pharmacy, SNDT

Title: Development and in vitro release studies of Iloperidone nanoformulations for nasal delivery
Co-authors: Dr. Namita Desai 

Ms. Monika Rani

Institute of pharmacy, Nirma University

Title: Formulation and Evaluation of Highly Ordered Three-Dimensional Mesoporous Silica Nanostructure (3D MCM-48) For Solubility Enhancement of Poorly Soluble Antifungal Drug
Co-authors: Prof. Tejal Mehta 

WEST ZONE :: MPharm Category

Ms. Rani Gorde

ICT, Mumbai

Title: In-Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Model: Development and Validation
Co-authors: Prof. Vandana Patravale, Mr. Shivraj Naik

Ms. Rutuja Vinchurkar

MIT World Peace University Pune

Title: Formulation and Evaluation of Telmisartan Nanosuspension and Development of solid Dosage Form
Co-authors: Dr. Ashwin Kuchekar, Ms. Ratnaprabha Kinikar, Ms. Sanika Kole, Mr. Wasim Parande, Dr. Ashwini Gawade 

Ms. Urvashi Parmar


Title: In vitro Dissolution Study- A Critical Quality Attribute for the Optimisation of Developed Modified Elementary Osmotic Pump
Co-authors: Dr. Meenal Rane, Dr. Amrita Bajaj

SOUTH ZONE :: PhD Category

Ms. Litha Thomas

Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy

Title: In vitro release study of developed Aspirin-PLGA Microsphere for the dental stem cell stimulation
Co-authors: Dr. V Kusum Devi 

Ms. Pinal Chaudhari

Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Title: Drug-Silica-Cellulose Ternary Matrix for the Oral Delivery of Cyclosporine A
Co-authors: Dr. Shaila Lewis

Ms. Ayesha Syed

Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Bangalore

Title: Taguchi design for optimization and development of bovine serum albumin nanoparticles of methotrexate by desolvation technique
Co-authors: Dr. Kusum Devi 

SOUTH ZONE :: MPharm Category

Ms. Aswathy KN

Amrita School of Pharmacy

Title: The release study of peanut protein from sublingual immunotherapy tablet for peanut induced allergic asthma
Co-authors: Dr. Vidya Viswanad 

Mr. Sreejith T

Amrita School of Pharmacy

Title: Ethyl cellulose film coating optimization of sustained release aspirin spherules using DOE for the application to reduce cardiac complications in COVID-19
Co-authors: Dr. Kaladhar Kamalasanan 

Ms. Sirisha Mulukuri

Nitte college of Pharmaceutical sciences

Title: Evaluation of Ionotropic Cross-linked Chitosan/Gelatin B Microspheres of Trimetazidine Hydrochloride
Co-authors: Dr. Kavitha K 

CENTRAL ZONE :: PhD Category

Ms. Mukta Agrawal

RCPSR, Bhilai

Title: Controlled and prolonged release of an herbal antioxidant (Curcumin) from lipid nanocarrier
Co-authors: Dr. Amit Alexander, Dr. Ajazuddin 

Ms. Tejashree Waghule

BITS, Pilani

Title: Selection of an appropriate dissolution medium and release mechanism from lipid based nanoparticles
Co-authors: Dr. Gautam Singhvi, Prof. Ranendra Narayan Saha

Vamshi Krishna Rapalli

BITS, Pilani

Title: Skin permeation and dermatokinetic assessment of designed Apremilast loaded lipid nanocarriers
Co-authors: Dr. Gautam Singhvi

CENTRAL ZONE :: MPharm Category

Mr. Sourabh Billore

Medi-Caps University Indore

Title: Formulation and Evaluation of Venlafaxine HCl Chewing gum for Management of Depression
Co-authors: Dr. Sanjay Jain, Dr. Mousumi kar Pillai,  Dr. Hemant Khambete, Dr. Sumeet Prachand 

Ms. Nidhi Namdev

GRY Institute of Pharmacy, Borawan

Title: Formulation and evaluation of controlled release gastro retentive dosage form for chlordiazepoxide

Ms. Arpna Indurkhya

Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy

Title: Solubility and Dissolution Enhancement of Gliclazide using Mixed Solvency Approach
Co-authors: Ms. Akash Singh, Mr. Mahendra Patel 


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